As mentioned before, I started contributing to glusterfs after I joined Redhat.

Now, this story is more of an evolving almanac with entries being added for every step taken by me while exploring or coming across something in glusterfs. Being a FOSS enthusiast, one not only has to use and contribute to the open code but also enlighten others of the path to be taken.

  1. Rsync.
  1. Setting up the environment for glusterfs.
  2. Creating a LVM and using it as xfs brick for glusterfs.
  3. Creating a basic replicated volume.
  4. Creating a basic distributed volume.
  5. Using Events in glusterfs.
  1. The Missing socket files of brick in glusterfs
  2. Non root gluster cli access.
  3. The curious case of duplicate certificate entries
  1. Exploring RPM Package contents.
  2. Userspace RCU package not found

This is a very short post.

Now, when working with glusterfs, one requires userspace-rcu package. But in certain operating systems like centos-7 and even RHEL 7, when trying to install the userspace-rcu and userspace-rcu-devel, one could see that they are greeted by the package not found error.

After searching for the root cause, it seems like a certain repository is not enabled. So, the one workaround I found was to install the epel-release rpm using the command,

Once that’s done, installation of userspace-rcu and userspace-rcu-devel won’t give any issue…



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